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Testimonies: Testimonials

“I have had the privilege of working with Monica Murphy on several journalism projects when she interviewed me on topics related to addiction and mental illness. Monica has excellent journalism skills that exceed the norm. Her biggest strength, however, is the passion she has for educating the community on the important topics of addiction and mental illness and, most importantly, her ability to highlight that recovery is possible. It is rare that I see a journalist who has advanced journalistic skills coupled with genuine compassion and empathy for the people she works with. Monica’s approach is guided by dignity and respect for people in need.” –Dr. John Gallagher, PhD, LSW, LCAC

“Monica is truly professional. She knows how to ask questions in a personal manner, with respect and dignity. She cares about what you’re saying and she seeks to convey the joy, heartache, triumph, and concern in every story that you tell.” –Jenni Blye, Special Needs Mom

“When sitting across the table from Monica, her preparedness and engaging approach made the interview flow from topic to topic.” –Meghan Buell, Founder & President of TREES Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by Monica on multiple occasions. Each time I have found that her natural curiosity and general interest in her subject matter makes it a comfortable experience. Monica pulls together a great story facilitated by her interesting questions. I look forward to any time that I am interviewed by Monica.” –Rhonda Gipson-Willis, CEO/Coach/Dream Catalyst

“We have had nearly 700 writers and no one has had such consistent readership as Monica. Each article she has written has made it to our top five most read articles for each issue of our magazine.” –Emily Raleigh, Founder of Spire & Co (The Smart Girls Group)

“The stories that Monica finds help paint a picture of the educational landscape in Michiana. The way she reports on those stories is fun, interesting and shows the viewers a complete view of the program. I enjoy her style and working with her has been great.” - Sam Centellas, Executive Director at La Casa de Amistad 


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