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                  MONICA MURPHY

                Journalist and Speaker

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Monica Murphy spent ten years capturing and publishing human-interest stories for various media outlets. During this time, she worked with culturally diverse populations, interviewing them on an array of in-depth topics. Monica finds a fascinating story in just about anyone. Curiosity about how other people live their lives, and the wisdom that follows, compels her in many ways. 

Monica's time at WNIT, a PBS affiliate, in South Bend, Indiana, equipped her with a hands-on experience in production and on-air segments. She was an education reporter for a show called, "EducationCounts_Michiana." 

Monica was also a multimedia journalist for an NBC affiliate, 25 News and an ABC affiliate, Heart of Illinois ABC in Peoria, Illinois. 

She is currently a multimedia journalist at WNDU, an NBC affiliate, in South Bend, Indiana. 

Monica is ambitious and intentional about growth. 

Monica lives by the following competencies: 

Leadership- Developing others by valuing differences, risk taking, agile thinking and problem solving.

Communication- Written, oral and high interpersonal awareness.

Self-Management- Self-starter, confident and an optimist.

Wisdom- Ingenuity, curiosity and perspective. 

Her educational background in social work, with a focus on mental health and addictions, gives her a unique perspective when working with others.

Monica understands the deep-seated issues people face and knows how to ask the right questions. She actively listens, and has witnessed people move forward, use their potential and claim their worthiness in the world. It is important to allow people to communicate whatever message they are feeling in the moment. 

Monica is also a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker. She has dedicated her life to serving others. For example, she has coached underprivileged middle-school students and non-traditional college students, teaching them character and leadership skills. Monica has been asked to speak at many professional and educational events. 

It always begins and ends with people.

Thank you for visiting this page. 

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